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Interracial voices -- editorials



Every now and then the Subject of Race and Mixed people seems to appear and become the topic of debates.. Interracial Voices Posts' editorials that are quite noteworthy, so We have taken the liberty of listing some of these articles for You.

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This Specific Website has been removed from the internet so We have Linked them and their comments to interracial voices


"Mulatto Pride"


A Letter to the Pope and an Archbishop's Racist Reply
By Marion I. Ferreira




An open letter to Most Reverend Alfred C. Hughes
(Re: Mother Henriette Delille)

By John O. Sarpy


Broyard the CreoleRead his story

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Bliss Broyard...... see her story below
A Creole Professional

Louisiana is OUR Cultural Home





Often We Creoles are confronted with questions and inquiries or just, perhaps, some one, not wanting to accept Us or Our Culture..Because of who We are or How We look, We seem to fit into just any situation .Often We encounter events and challanges that make Us want to simply shout out our feelings...

Some times Others might just want to inquire about Us and Our Culture..This is the place to let Us know exactly how you feel and what you might be thinking...This is the place to let us know...Send Us your story for all to know and it Will be published Here along with your Photo(optional)..In this way We keep the wanna-be's from hacking onto Our forum

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Our Survival is in Our Youth
Suzan Malveaux and Family
A Louisiana Creole Couple

Creoles... sharing a common Heritage

Louisiana Creole Woman

Two Creoles... cousins to each other

Louisiana..The Offical State Name...The Creole State

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Controversial topics Below .

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Our Cuban Cousins


The issue of Henriette delille . Is She Creole or African America  
Are Mulattos and Creoles, White or Black
Should America own up to it's breach of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty and Pay Retribution
Should Audubon Claim His own Racial Heritage
Do Creoles Have The Right to their Own Racial and Cultural Identity
Does Beyouce's Claim to Her Creole Heritage mean that She is in denial of her African Heritage
Should Creoles Be Proud to be Creoles or African Americans
If Mixed Race People are not White or Black then Just what are they
Should all Mixed Race People Claim their mixed Indian Heritage



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