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Now that Our Creole Community is beginning to come together, many for the first time, We are finding that even though We are dispersed throughout America ( in fact much of the New World ) We are discovering that We have much in common and are starting to reach out for one another...

We also are recognizing that Our Culture is valuable and by identifying with Our Heritage We are beginning to learn more about Ourselves and Our Roots..For these reasons I have created this page for Creoles to reach out to one another and to share Our Heritage and commonality ...

From New York to California We are beginning to touch each other and are reaching out to self identify and share Our rich heritage to others so that the World can better recognize, appreciate and learn more about Our Rich Heritage ...See what other Creoles are doing to self identify and Share Our Rich Heritage with the World




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" Important "

Creoles born or raised in California!

I am a college student of Creole descent currently conducting a survey of the cultural and linguistic attitudes of Louisiana French Creoles who were born in California or have lived there since at least the age of 15.

This study will bring to light for the first time the current attitudes of Creoles of all ages who have grown up outside of the Creole 'base' in Louisiana. Their attitudes towards the portrayal of their culture, their own ethnic identity, and the current state of the Creole French dialect will be recorded and analyzed.

 If you or someone you know fits this criteria, please feel free to contact me at

" Shelby "


for more information or if you have any questions. Thank you!"

Let me know what you think.






Creoles feeling good about their Heritage




a Young Louisiana Creole Woman expressing Her Culture




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....The Dominican Republic..

A Mulatto Nation and part of Our Creole Heritage



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. Soumia ton silence

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