Famous Creoles

We Creoles have always wondered where we fit in. Creole identity has always been very strong & meaningful but some how our true heritage has become lost due to centuries of abuse, lies & cultural Genocide:

Not only do we have a proud History, but, those that have come before us, have paved the way for us to continue in their sucesses. As the old saying goes! "the proof is in the pudding."

More Famous Creoles


Andre Cailloux
First Creole Military Hero

Jean Baptiste Du Sable
Founder ofChicago, Il.

Jelly Roll Morton

First Jazz Musician?

Henriette Delille
First person of color nominated for saint-hood in the U.S.

Norbert Rillieux
Inventor of the sugar cane process.

Rose Nicaud
First Beignet and coffee vendor

Edmonde Dede
World renoun composer


First U.S. senator
of color

John Audobon
Creator of the
Audobon Society

Jean Lafitte
French Creole

Julien Hudson
Wartime Painter

Bryant C. Gumbel
Journalist Broadcaster

Gilbert E. Martin
Leader of creole
recognition movement

Rudolphe Lucien

Marie Laveau
Faith Healer

Harold Doley

Dr. Roudanez

Francis E. Dumas

Fats Domino


Louis Moreau
Morris W. Morris

Louis A. Snaer
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