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Salma Hayek
Notable Person of Creole


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Salma Hayek



Salma Hayek's New Orleans Creole Roots

I always wondered if the rumors are true that she is descended from Black Louisiana Creoles who moved to a certain part of Mexico back in the 1800s...she attended a Catholic school in Louisiana before moving back to Mexico...

May 19, 2007

Selma Hayek-the Hidden La. Creole. by T.D.

(There's alot of secrets in Hollywood about celebrities regarding sexuality, backgrounds and ethnic classification but Selma has gone over board with her "trash talking" on who is and who isn't authentic Latino. She makes a point of saying Jennifer Lopez isn't real latina due to her not having a latina accent or dialect. So being that her family is from the New Orleans Mixed-race Creole Community-lets put her in check!)

I find it amusing at how foolish some Hispanic/latino bloggers are. There is this trend to down Jennfier Lopez (J-lo) as not being a REAL latina but what latinos/hispanics do not realize is that Carribean-Latinos were the very first hispanics. Most of them have a degree mixed blood rate (hispanic) of euro-Spanish ancestry at about 70% while most Mexicans have less than 5% of Euro-Spanish ancestry. Selma Hayek was a marketing ploy by Hollywood for latinos.

She is in reality-an ARAB! Just like Shakira-sure they speak Spanish but Janet Jackson speaking English doesnt make her British now does it? Shakira is also Middle Eastern but was born in Latin America. Latin America has some of the largest Middle Eastern population in the Western part of the globe and from these population appears to be the entertainers-who look, move and act Arab but get sold to unsuspecting Latino masses as authentic latinas.


Click the image to open in full size.

Selam Hayek (not even a real latina surname)-was born on Sept. 2 1966 to a Lebanese father and a mother who wasnt Mexican but a Louisiana Mualatto (Blk,White Indian) Creole-and this explains why Selma Hayek was educated in New Orleans, La and not Mexico.

The part of Mexico where Selma Hayek was born- was settled by people from La. who were part African American-after the Civil War in America left people with any black ancestry to face Jim Crow. The President of Mexico-gave the mixed-black folks passage into Selma's part of Mexico. There they mingled with the Europeans and Natives. Coatzacoalcos part of Mexico was a melting pot of people who were of black-Euro and Hispanic backgrounds. This produced Selma.

Benito Juarez (1806-1872)-was taken in by New Orleans Creoles-when the Euro-colonizers of Mexico had a price on the Mexican Indian's head for being a radical and militant. He was hidden in the French Quarter (at the time populated by mixed race Creoles)-and then he became President of Mexico. He won the French battle of Cinco De Mayo-due to Creole men teaching him how to defeat the French army and let mixed race Creole settle many Mexican areas.

Selma mostly takes after the women on her Arab side of the family. She takes after her Arab father more than her mixed-race Creole mother. Her father was an Arab business man but nothing is said too much about her mixed-race Creole mother. After birth, Selma didn't even set foot back in Mexico until she was an adult. She wasn't raised in Mexico.

She was raised in New Orleans with her Arab father and Louisiana Creole mother. Her mixed-race Creole mother was a singer who had a hard time keeping Selma in school. She was even kicked out of Catholic school in New Orleans. Just like Jennifer Lopez was raised in New York-Selma Hayek was raised in Louisiana. This is kept secret or lied about by her PR people.

Selma only lived in Mexico a short period of time-she attended Mexico's city Universidad Iberoamericano(more for international foreign students of non-Mexican heritage) and then ran her butt right back to the U.S. Then she hit Hollywood at 24 years of age. How is she a Mexican? She happened to be born there but not to authentic Mexican parents and she sure didn't carry the culture or heritage of Mexicans.

You will NEVER catch Selma at any pro-latino event unless she is winning an award or getting honored. Jennifer Lopez stays giving money to Latino charities but yet she is the one slammed by the so called Latino media. Lets be honest about what Mexican women look like-they dont look like Selma Hayek. Look at Selma ass! That's proof enough right there. I mean you can iron your clothes on a REAL Mexican woman's flat ass. Not Selma's Ass!Click the image to open in full size. Her upper half is Arab and her lower half is Mulatto-Louisiana Creole.

Eva Longoria-well, lets just say that there's lots of marketing and spin about her background also. I wouldn't bet too much of money on tracing Eva Longoria's family back to Mexico either.
In "real" life and not "reel" life-Selma has a very, very low view of Mexican-Indians(about 90% of all Mexicans). According to an ex-Hollywood boyfriend-Selma thinks that they are dumb Indians who just speak Spanish. She really doesn't even like Mexico or Mexicans. She has gone on the record as never, even touching a Mexican man unless it was called for by her media marketing people.

Selma Hayek is part black Creole and her father is Arab from Lebanon and according to old law-a child is what their father is by birth. Shakira also doesn't consider herself a Latina in PRIVATE. She loves her Middle Eastern culture. Shakira belly-dances and does the entire Arab thing and Latinas know good and well that they can't bellydance! Selma Hyek has always wanted to maintain a distance from Mexico-except when it comes time to promote her films. She sold her home there and only dates Anglo men.

She is the [use your imagination] of Babylon. Atleast Jennifer Lopez has a latino husband. Selma Hayek has pandered to the latino media by downing J-lo for not having an accent when her own is "made up." The same Louisiana French Creole-Italian accent that most natives of lower La. speak with is the exact same accent that Selma speaks with. Her supposedly "Latina" accent is created by a Hollywood vocal coach. In fact, the black nuns of New Orleans would refer to her as the "bad ass mullato girl" being that she cut up so much in school.



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Salma and Mom


Selma Kayak Part Creole.... Read the article


Diana Jimenez Hayek

A Mother of Frenchcreole Heritage ??..It Can be presumed that Selma's Mother is Of Creole Heritage..Why...Because many Louisiana Creoles of Color Left Louisiana to escape Racial Persecution Durinr the mid 1860's..Many moved to Vera Cruz and the Tampico Mexico area..It is well documented that they blended into the Local Population and never returned ..

.Why, also, would Salma be sent to a boarding school in Louisiana, if there was not a Creole Connection...See also The Louisiana / Mexican Connection

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