Black, White, Indian or What?



What is a Creole ?


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The Louisiana Creoles






The One Drop Rule....

It Does not make any sense at all..It's not even common senseable

Multi Racial People speak their mind




Creoles win The first free elections in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana


Mulattos have the Right to chose

who they want to Identify as


We sometimes wonder just Why Do Mulattos, Multi-Racial and mixed Race People Want to self Identify..We as a People are very well aware that We come from the Black Race and the great majority of Us, un mistakenly and Without a doubt, Identify with the " Black " Race because That is Part of Our Racial make up..On the other hand We have White Ancestry as Well. , Race mixing has been around since the beginning of Man kind and will always be part of the Genisis of Humanity and it's nothing New...

In America, a Nation founded from African Slave Labor has always held the White Race up as the savior of mandkind and has based it's Society and economy on it's European values, Life style and idealogical thinking...To accept The Black Man as an equal would be contrary to Their beliefs..As Such anyone with a trace of African Blood is considered to be Black and only Black and not anything else...However, the truth is that this is totally contrary to the thinking of most Anthropologist and Genetic Science..It's obvious that Mulattos possess a great amount of Caucasian Genes as Well..

It has always been the thinking of White society that Racial Impurity was un for this We have the "One Drop Rule"... Prior to the early 20th Centaury... Mulattos belonged to a three tiered society ...Not Black nor White but of Mixed Race Heritage...With the introduction of the One Drop Policy That changed...So now ,We have a Society that Says that If You are not White You are Black, Regardless of whether You possess 90% or 5 % of White Genes...

Now, We Mulattos are taking on the notion the We want to self identify with Who We truly are...We now have the freedom to chose Our Own Destiny and that is to be, who We really are...It is in no way a denial of Our Black Heritage but a re affirmation of All of Our Racial Heritages, both Black and white ...






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The Mulatto/Creole Struggle...

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The Moorish Conquest

of Spain..

..The Golden age of Mulatto History ...... here

Where it all began When the Moors ruled here

Moorish Music...Morocco derives from the word moor Click here for video

It's Good to Be Mixed
the Moors in Europe
Light, Bright, Damn Near White
mixed race feedback
It's Good to Be Mixed
It's Good to Be Mixed






Creole footnotes

Where it all begun The Multi-Racial Moors for video


Race Mixing is as Old as


Being Creole, Mulatto or Mixed Race in reality is no big thing..Since the beginning of colonization and then some there has been Race mixing...It has been going on since the beginning of time...It is evident when you encounter a Culture that has been isolated from other Socities, in most cases, you will find Racial seperation..

.All the Races to a certain degree have mixed with other Races...some say the reason for Racial discrimination is from fear of loosing Racial purity, Racial dominance over other Racial Groups, Economics dominance, fear of the unknown and for many more such reasons....

.During the 9th and 10th Century Southern Europe was over run and dominated by the more darker Race of North African and Moorish people...After they were Expelled from Europe in the 15th Century, the Europeans were determined to reap revenge on their former Enemies..therefore the occupation of the African Continent began with the enslavement ond dominance of the African People..

.The Spanish and the French who had engauged in trade for Centuries before, were more tolerant of these African People.. .Even though they enslaved the Africans they looked upon them as

Humans and were more tolerant of them .For this reason The slaves within the Spanish and french dominated Societies became much more industrious and prosperous . In South America, the Caribbean and parts of the American South, the Mulatto, Creoles and Mixed Race People were able to accomplish more and become more productive...






Creole, Mulatto and Mixed Race achievers

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Mariah Cary

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The Creole/Black Military experience.

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Miss Universe 2006 Miss Puerto Rico..

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Dr. Charles Drew..

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The World Creole Festival

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Mulatto stories

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if you didn't know

There has been a lot of talk as to What Race We Creoles Belong to.. African Americans do not always see Us as Black and White Americans Do not Consider us White and the Rest of the World doesn't even know that We exist and could care less.. The Fact of the matter is that We are Neither...

We Are a Mixed Race People that just want to keep our Cultural Identity..In fact Creoles Are Caucasians, Indians and Black; for this reason We are not a Clearly identifiable People...We know who We are and We are Proud to be of such a Unique Racial blend..Even though We are World wide, We do not push our Racial identity onto others.

We Are a Proud Family orientated industrious People who just Want to Reclaim our History and Our Identity


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