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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Robert Fortier-Bensen
From: new orleans
Comment to ye'
Please accept my sentiments of respect and fraternite' for all your work. It truly shows we are the lagnaippe of this wonderful America. While taking some time with my family at a Bon Annee' soiree, we came across your website.
Because I am a physician who offer integrative medicine, I evaluate people, their genes, their environment, nutrition, and their health: a study defined as genomic medicine. When one realizes we have essentially four major blood types, that transcends all other physical characteristics, it makes a charivari of people who seem to find negative thoughts about what we are, and what you and your staff are providing here. We are then are part of a family constellation and genomics, hidden by other layers, some good, some less, beyond the simple tribe or even belief. The rich history of the people who made this part of the country, includes all; the richest of all gumbos, the most animated chords of a eternal song, a warmhearted smile despite our pains, and mistakes, to be Creole is to know just some of these things. I once as a child saw a response of one of the many such "blogs" which often was allowed by the Times-Picayune which ran through the editorial section of everything Creole. One person summed it like this. as follows: " It is like being poor, one can comment, study, discuss, or even visit it, but the only way to know what it is like, is being poor, the same goes for being Creole. He admonished the rest of the editorial responders by finishing in a sad response. "In such a transient society as today, being Creole hold little meaning, why don't we leave to our past." I have always remembered those newspaper responses, just as I enjoy reading articles in the Comptes Rendu. Our genes hold hands carry a message deeper than any series of amino acids or nucleotides can describe. Je vous remercie.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Diana Gaspart
From: Slidel, Louisiana
I like your site but why call it FrenchCreoles.Com if you simply use the Louisiana white coloniers words for the Creole community and call Creoles "Free Blacks." I am a white Louisiana native with some Creole ancestry. I just think that whites and even some blacks have an agenda to make every non-white person into an African. Many of your articles also over plays the slave issue in the Creole community. People will start to get more educated on slave history and realize that many people of color weren't slaves or were not even the children of slaves. People of color also even owned slaves. Creoles never used the term "blac" to described tehmselves but "person of color" was used in La. and slaves didnt even call themselves "blacks" but used the term African but I like your site-I just can't direct anyone to it for reseacrh being that it has too many ref. from authors who have a habit of mixing up Creole with African or "free black"

Admin reply: hello Diane...

You are so right...Yes, not all Creoles of Color are decendents of Slaves nor do all call themselves Black...However, not all of the information you read comes from Our staff...We quite frequently provide portions of articles written by others so individuals can make their own decisions and it would be unethical to alter or change the works of others...If you browse through the site you will find many articles that reference Creoles of Color as Free people and also as slave owners...As a New Orleans Creole I am very well aware of the history and Culture of Our Creole People but on the other hand although Creoles did Originate from Louisiana there are many more that have different backgrounds and were offsprings of Creole slaves...We simply give a unbiased and broader view of the subject matter...

Thanks for logging on...Augustine/Comeaux

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Andra
From: Baton Rouge
I like the site...although it says that some of these people are Creole when they're NOT.

Some of them may be "mixed race," but they are NOT "Creole."

It seems as if the people who put the info. on this site just made a list of all the SUCCESSFUL black people that they could think of (esp. the light skinned ones) and placed them in the "Creole" category.

There are a lot of light skinned black people in places like East Feliciana, and trust me...there's nothing "French" about them.

That's where my grandma's family is from.

I don't necessarily agree with some of the other "facts" mentioned on here either.


Admin reply: It was very nice to hear from You and We really do appreciate Your comments, However,as You might know , not everything or every one on his website are Creoles..and your'e absolutely right not all Creoles are light skinned...and it is a bit skewed, however it is the only information that is available on Creole People , so We put what We can find on Our Web site...

We always get complaints from both the Light skinned and dark skinned People...As You may know , Creole is a Culture and not a Racial thing...However, We Creole , just like anyone else seem to gravitate towards one another ...Creoles and Mulatto's basically have the same Racial Mix and aside from our cultural differences We are basically the same...

You may say it is Unfair but We tend to gravitate towards the Creoles We are accustumed with...There are volumns and volumns of information on Black America but very little on Mixed race people, so We present the information so that the World can know that We are here too and that We too helped build America...Again thanks for logging in...

Augustine/Comeaux....Web site producer :ylsuper:

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Marcel Simon
From: San Jose ,CA
This wonderful asset is a credit to our diverse heritage. I look forward to sharing this with my friends and family.

Thank You

California Creole
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Lashonda Morris
From: Meridian, MS
I found out recently that we are part Geechee and I would like to know more about it and find any descendents of the Morris family.So if anyone can give me any info on the please do.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Alectoria
From: Beaumont ,Tx
I'm a proud Creole woman and I was just wondering how come you don't have a picture of singer Tracie Spencer? I know that her mother is Creole. If you don't have one I can email you one.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Baretta VanDyke
From: Bay Area, California
I am a descendant of Taunte' Caroline Doucet.... I am proud to be of French Creole Descent.... and our ancestors would be proud of us today....
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rod Koberg
From: Magnolia Springs, AL
We are in the process of opening a "Creole" restaurant in Foley, AL. Your website has been an inspiration. We believe this area (Mobile & Baldwin County, AL) is a cradle of Creole culture and heritage in the South. We would love to include some of the items on your website in our restaurant. Where do we seek permission?


Admin reply: hello Rod
This Web site and its content is available to all ...We Creoles are more than happy to know that Our People and Culture are appreciated...Feel free to Use what You like and You are also encouraged to send Us any Info You would like posted on Our site.We thank you for logging on and don't forget Us....

Augustine/Comeaux .Web site Producer

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Kelli DeCoud-Gray
From: Los Angeles
Hello there, I thank you for your page. It is an asset to those who are unaware of how much American Creole people have been such a great contribution to this great land.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Soul Sistah
From: Gary, IN
All Black Americans are mulattos. Its very rare to find an "unmixed" Negro in this country. However, there are pure African descendents who live along the eastern seaboard, such as Gullahs and Geechies. Am I as equally proud of my White heritage as African? No way.

French Creoles are no better than other Blacks in America. Your ancestors were fucked by the French, mine by British. Please quell the Willie Lynch mentality your website promotes.

Admin reply: Hello
It seems that you are totally ignorant of this world around You..Your use of profanity is indicative of Your Ignorance and disrespectful background...It appears that You aparently have one Hell of a Racist Mentality...No, Not all Africans are Mulattos, Boy what a mental gap...and not all Americans are not the same...It appears that White society has Brain Washed You....Your first step is that you need to pick up a book and read about your own past and then Your intelectual comments will be welcome...

DickyG the website producer

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