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One Viewers response to article on Creole Culture

I'm not sure, where you got your answers from, but your response, in no way, relates to my statement on Religion..No one stated that the Roman Catholic religion was a Race..You might want to read my statement again.....................The statement that Most African- Americans were Baptist refers to the dominant religious group and in no way indicated that"ALL" were of the baptist faith..The fact that you stated that the Baptisit faith Originated in England is further proof that, most African Americans , have adopted the, Colonial American , religious values.

.You see.... most Creoles , Come from a Latin Culture, in which most of these people are Catholic in Faith...and so is most of our Cultural values...European Spanish and French controlled most of the American Continent for hundreds of years ........What really amazes me about your wealth of knowledge is that you call " Zydeco "music, a mixture of Cajun and Jazz, which is so outrageous that it is almost laughable...Zydeco is Black Creole in its Origin, in Every form.

, Cajun People are White French speaking people from Lousiana, who have their own music sounds, although , from time to time the music can be intermixed.., However , . you, being from Lousiana should know all about this part of Louisianas'.. Heritage..............

By the way " Jazz" is also, another form of Louisiana music made popular by Creole Musicians, Namely, Jellyroll Morton, who is known to be the first Jazz Musician...........................

Even though, all my Grandparents , hail from Louisiana and that is my Native State , I've spent most of my life being raised in Chicago, and living in California..Living in a multitude of other States and traveling abroad many times have really opened up my eyes, Last, but not the least, your statement that South and Latin America is one and the same is , absolutely ridiculous , ...Please dont tell someone from there...., that, because they will laugh in your face..

Central American is basically those Countries between North and South America that are full of people who share the Africal Culture and are very similar to us in their beliefs..maby you should travel to some of these countries so you can get a first hand account about what your African heritage is really about.. Also., South America , The Continent, Boast more people of African and Mixed race decent than people of European decent....We are mixed with all the major Races, White, Indian and Black but we are all Creoles from the Soul....Our web site offers a wealth of documented information that most people find useful..................

P.s. In All My many years on this Earth I have never, ever had some one of African decent offer to share my Creole Experience or put a red penny in my pocket , or even go to bat on my behalf........................


I am a decendent

(grandmother was Clea F. Desdunes), her father was Elmore Desdunes brother of Rudolphe.


When researching thru Federal Census records I discovered Jeremiah & Henrietta were born in
Louisiana. Each list one parent as having been born in France & Cuba. Henrietta's mother was born in Santo Domingo (Haiti).
The nun's historial data is incorrect but will continue due to popularity of the book.
Thank you,

Rosalind Hubbard



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