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In memory of
Gilbert Martin...

Founder of the International French-Creole Cultural Society  


No one, in the 21st Century, has done more than this Man in the promotion and furtherance of the Creole Culture


Gilbert Martin, a leading Creole Activist and author passed on to a better life on Nov. 19, 2005 at the age of 80.

Mr. Martin was a Creole rights activist and one of a kind. He was a leading voice for Creoles nationwide. With his passing we have lost more than just a good person but a powerful man who has stood up for our Creole rights.

Many times he has confronted the mighty government and the federal bureaucracy and held his ground in belief that our Creole people could get the recognition they rightfully deserve.Our hats go off to him and we know we have lost a good leader who has done much to further the Creole cause

. Not only has he awakened the government to the plight of the Creole people but he has also increased the self awareness of Creole people here in America. Not only was he a political activist but he was also the author of several Creole publications, a spokesman for the Creole cause and also a carpenter/ contractor in his own right.

We hope that in his memory We may be able to achieve greater and better progress for all Creoles.


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