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To add some interest to Our Creole/ Mulatto scrap Book We have mixed them up with a name, explanation or Source. No doubt, someone will be offended but none the less , here We are..

Jeniffer Beal Young Mulatto Woman 1921   The Mulatto Queen of Madagascar The Mulatto Woman
a Mulatto Obama and his Sister Mulatto/Creole mix Josephine Baker Mulatto Navy Men
The Tragic Mulatto Mulatto Egyptian Queen Frenchcreole Woman Haley Berry
  Rosa Parks.... The Mulatto who started it all St Louis Mulatto Nichole Ritchie
  Creole de Martinique      

Mulatto Gentleman.

Soledad Obrian Mulatto/Cuban mix Chiquinha. .. Cuban Creole Mulatto Woman 1920's



Laila Ali

Muhammad Ali's Daughter

  Adriana Lima Brazilian Mulatto Model Andreas Pico Mulatto Commandente of The California Mexican Army


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A 1930's era Mulatto

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A Day in New Orleans
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