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Creole Family Potraits


The Augustine / Comeaux /Goree Family



We are All from Louisiana........We are Comeaux's from St Marys Parish......We are Augustine's From New Orleans......We are Gorees from Northern Louisiana......We are Mixed with Choctow , Black, Cajun and French with a bit of Spanish..

.Our Ancestors spoke Creole French .We migrated to Lake Charles Louisiana, Los Angeles Ca and Chicago Illinois...My Grand father was a New Orleans Musician and so was My Father who pass away at a very youthful age...

We were not raised in Louisiana but We never forgot Our Louisiana roots...My ancestors fought in the Battle of New Orleans and We have Heir property given to Us by Our Great great Grand Father who was a White man..We have never forgotten Our roots and We all are Louisianans by Heritage and Culture




The Evolution of the Creole People and their Culture can be quite Confusing but through 400 years of Trials and Tribulations We have survived the test of time and the Creole Family is still as strong and United as ever.

..Let's take a look at Some of these Creole familes and the Life styles so that You gan get an Idea of Who we are and recognize some of Our Family values and strengths...





Our Great Grandmother.. 1/2 Choctow Indian and Great grandfather.. English/ French

Grandma Augustine , Aunts and Father..: Emile Augustine St Mary's Parish

The Augustine Family ... ( Mom Brothers and sisters ) 1940's


My My Family- My Teen Years 1950's
My My Family- My Teen Years 1950's
My First Communion... Old photo.... click Pictureto enlarge
My Current Family
My Daughter and Grand kids
the Augustines...Goofing around
My Daughter and Relatives
Uncle Dick in Italy during WWll

The Augustine / Goree /

Comeaux Photo Collage

Grandpa Fred Goree
Grandma Sara Goree
Rickie and Cousin Emily
Cousins and nieces and my kids
Me and My Son
Augustine at 24 Years of age
brother cousin and friend
Brothers Cousins and Nieces
Me as an Alter boy a long time ago
Mama Augustine and Aunt Eseleen
My Kids The Augustines
Brother Donnie
My Brother Freddie
Renee and Family
aunt mattie
Cousins Angela and Renee
Grand daughter and the Mrs
Emily and Ema
My Grand Daughter
Elanya My Daughter
Sis, Brother Emile, Uncle and Mom
My My Sister Joyce
My Great Grandmother
Sister Mom and cousin
the Boss and his Ladies (Just Joking)




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