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Creole Heritage Queen
Ashley Deculus:






Ashley is a true Creole advocate, which is eloquently depicted in her acceptance speech:


Ashley is a true Creole advocate, which is eloquently depicted in her acceptance speech:

"I feel that it's very important to preserve the Creole culture and that is what I intend on doing serving as your Creole heritage queen. If the Creole culture is not preserved then my generation will grow up falling in the cracks of society, meaning that they wouldn't be able to stand up and be who they truly are (Creole). Creole culture is not something to be ashamed of. I was raised in a family proud to be Creole, and I can say that I am proud to be Creole.


We must preserve the culture because if we don't no one will. I don't want Creole culture to just be part of Louisiana history, but a part of everyday life and for other cultures to accept and acknowledge this culture. Though as new generations emerge, we are losing pieces of the culture, for example the French language, and this new twist to traditional Zydeco music, sometimes change is good but we are slowly slipping away from the true culture. If we keep tweaking the culture a little, there will be no traditional Creole left. It is up to the younger generations to preserve the Creole culture and I am proud to be an advocate to do just that."

Creole Heritage Queen
Ashley Deculus:

 1. How does it feel for me to be Creole?

I feel blessed to be Creole, to be able to share a heritage and culture with many other people around the world. It is not something I am ashamed of and I embrace it with open arms. This culture is a way of life and everyday living for me and my family from the music, food, friendships, and family gatherings. My fiance is a zydeco musician and together we try to keep the Creole Heritage alive throughout our generation.

My generation is the future for the Creole Culture and it's our responsibility to try and preserve much of it as possible because we are slowly branching away from our roots. Examples include incorporating rap, hip-hop, and R&B into the music we call zydeco, and also not speaking Creole French to one another.


2. What would I advise to other Creoles?

Please don't be ashamed of where you come from. It doesn't matter where you come, it matters where you are now and what good you are doing for you, your family and your culture. Together we all can make a difference and become one, not falling into the cracks of our black or white society. We must all stand tall, be proud, and embrace our culture.  

Miss Ashley Nicole Deculus
Creole Heritage Queen




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