A Creole Monument of Pride

A Creole Monument

Honoring Louisiana's People of Color


The monument was erected on the Doley Family plot in St. Louis #1 cemetery. This monument has particular relevance . It is dedicated to Louisiana African Americans who make significant contributions to the World.

The monument has three languages; ........Amharic,...... Haitian-Creole, and...... English.

The three languages represent language spoken by many of the people of color from Louisiana. Also included on the monument is the family crest, and the conquering line of Judah.                              

four categories of contributors


the Illinois Club
Sigma Pi Phi
Phi Beta Sigma
Adam Haydel
Madam Coin Coin
Madam CJ Walker.
Bishop Harold Perry,
Alfred Lawless
Louis Armstrong
Mahalia Jackson
Aaron Neville


There are also four categories of contributors which include social, business, ecclesiastic, and music.

Social .....includes the Illinois Club, Sigma Pi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, and Zulu.

Business.... includes Adam Haydel, Madam Coin Coin, and Madam CJ Walker.

Ecclesiastic contribution...... includes Bishop Harold Perry, Harriet Delille-Sarpy, and Alfred Lawless.

Music...... consists of the famous Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Aaron Neville, and Marcellus. 






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