Associates for the Preservation of Creole Cultural Heritage, Inc.
Organized in 2003


This organization intends to promote its aims through events which will promote Creole Culture and History, such as festivals, food fares, social events and zydeco dances.

All proceeds from these affairs will be used for the express purpose of enhancing and furthering our Creole Culture.


E-Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One Creole
This organization is comprised of 17 members to date and membership is open.


Marion I. Ferreira-
Los Angeles, Ca.
Vice Pres.
Richard Augustine/Comeaux-
San Jose, Ca.
2nd Vice Pres.
Ronald Vidal-
Cypress, Ca.
Alfred E. Smith-
Los Angeles, Ca.


Lay Members
Sandra Aubry- Los Angeles,Ca.
Anthony Calcote, Jr.- Los Angeles, Ca.
 Ronald Candiff- New Orleans, La.
Whitney Collins- Los Angeles, Ca.
 Ronald Delahoussaye- Inglewood, Ca.
Janine Frilot- Orange, Ca.
 Leon Green- Los Angeles, Ca.
Caesar Guyot- Laguna Nigel, Ca.
 Carolyn Llorens- Inglewood, Ca.
Marcia Metoyer-Johnson- Palmdale, Ca.
 Robert Simen- Gardena, Ca.
Marta & Allen Verdun- Los Angeles, Ca.
 Tara & Edward Taylor- Shalimar, Fla.





    The Organizations Activities

    The organization intends to sponsor a Creole
    gathering on December 5, 2004 from 2pm to 6 pm which will consist of a CREOLE SOIREE wherein all attending will bring their own special Creole dish to share.

    The event will be given at the Knights of PeterClaver Hall. There will be Disc Jockey music, fund raising bingo games, award raffles,and a period for Creole interest discussions.

    The organization, APCCH, has just sponsored successfully a Creole Family Picnic onSeptember 5, 2004, at the Culver City Park, located in Culver City, California.

    There were 81 Creole-Americans present. All enjoyed the zydeco music of Bonne Musique Zydeco Band, a barbeque dinner, desserts and sodas, and the socialization with each

    The Special Award for 2004 was given by a gold placque to Baron Richard Augustine/Commeaux for his website “” and all he has done to
    further the cause of our Creole Culture. APCCH intends to sponsor another gathering in 2005, under the title of “Creole Festival”.


    The organization hopes to raise additional funds through family memberships in the organization at the cost of $25.00 annually, monthly membership dues, and sale of auto bumper stickers which advertises “CREOLE CULTURE - HELP SAVE IT” at a donation of $2 per auto bumper sticker.



    Post Office Box 43313
    Los Angeles, CA 90043
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