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Identity Restored to 100,000 Louisiana Slaves

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Gwendolyn Midlo Hall the Author that has done so much to bring the Past to the Louisiana Afro Creole and Creole of Color




Being Creole makes it very difficult to focus on ones genetic background. Because of the African, White, Indian interracial mix, it becomes necessary to search all aspects of each.We have provided sites which could at least lead you in the right direction, This should start you on your way.

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DNA Testing


Metoyer Family
Cane River Creoles



Freedmen's Bureau



N.O. Public Library

List of Louisiana State Slave Owners Sur-Names in the 1860's
Find out your ancestors' ethnic origins
Records relating to Free People of Color and Freed men 



Archdiocese of New Orleans makes geneology Records available ..Click here

Read the Story also




African Ancestry Part 1

African Ancestry Part 2


The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives....Good site here



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List of Creole

City of New Orleans
A list of Search agencies.

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