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A Defining moment of the Cane River Creoles.

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The Louisiana Creole People


Welcome to is Our Creole Culture Page.....You will need to browse through the entire Web site in order to fully Understand Us and Our Culture...We have created various categories which are available for You ...Although there is a lot more to be said and You might have a problem navigating on to Your specific interest I'm sure You should find enough information so that You may understand Us and Our culture ..

This is merely an intro page but Our links will send You in the right direction...We Creole People are in the process of reclaiming Our Culture and Our Lifestyle which WAS on the verge of disappearing.,Our


Culture is very important to Us and We never want to lose it....It is something that has been forgotten in the History books, because it has been so misunderstood, but, We have come back to reclaim it...Feel free to contribute any information You wish so the Creoles and others may share it with You......






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Sweet Home Louisiana
come on down to CREOLE country


The French Quarters New Orleans

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Issues concerning here

The Louisiana Purchase



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The Titanic and it's Creole passangers

Henriette Delille a Creole nominated for Sainthood




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PBS History Detectives ......Creole manuscripts




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Haitians Frenchcreole People ..Our Creole Ancestors


Creole Gumbo Good Video


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Creoles for many years have been called the forgotten People, which is odd indeed, because since the beginning of Creole Culture in the New World and in America, Creoles have been the forerunners and the leaders in economic development ,Politics as well as Business entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Settlers, Culinary front runners and the like..

.No other Culture with People of Color comes close to accomplishing what Our Creole ancestors have done.and We were the First in most cases to do so...this web site presents to You just a small sampling of what Creole people in the last 400 years have done since their arrival in the New World and especially in Louisiana..



We are Proud of Our Contributions

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Famous Creoles



Where are the creoles

When We think of The Creoles We often think of Louisiana...Well Creole migration has affected every area of America as well as the Whole Western Hemisphere From coast to coast and then some.. ...California has the largest concentration of Creoles outside of Louisiana ..Click on the Video then go to the Web site noted below to hear their story....


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More Creole Culture....

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Anatole Broyard His story

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Our Public Contributions and more

Our Culinary contributions
Another Creole Family web site Glenda Jeansonne

Sheila Escovedo

Of African American, and Creole heritage.

Madame DeVore the first Creole-mixed model in the United States.
Creole Video History click here

The Octoroon

The Louisiana times

New Orleans Free People of Color

Early Creole Roots from Antiquity

Marie Laveau

free Person of Color and Creole .Click here

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