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The Louisiana Creoles

for over 200 years, have been denied their rights Guaranteed under the federal Louisiana Purchase treaty, the law of the Land...and the beat goes on.






Let's Preserve Our Creole Culture



About 10 years ago I met an Extrodinary Creole Activist by the Name of Mister Gilbert MarTin In Napa, California Who at the time resided in the Veterans Hospital ..He appeared to be just an ordinary person ,but, something seemed to be quite different about him..

It All begin when I came across an article in the local

newspaper about Creole People...As I began to read the article the question of a Creole Nationality came to my mind...In this article Mr martin had petitioned the U. S. Census bureau requesting that Creoles be listed as a separate Nationality on the Next Census report ...something that had never been brought to the Attention of the American Government since Louisiana (New France) became a part of the the United States...

His argument being that if Mexicans,Pacific Islanders and other non native born Americans can be listed separately then why not Creoles ...after all, they are the oldest of Americas' minority groups ......Since that article appeared over 9 years ago nothing has happened to bring the plight of Creoles to the Attention of the American Government .....I was so impressed by the actions of this Creoles gentleman that I just had to meet him

During that first meeting We talked about many things that have affected Our Creole People...It was during these initial encounters that I began to see all the injustices befallen the Creole People...From the overt violation of the Louisiana Creole rights , the continual enslavement of the Creole People under the new American rule, to the prevention of the right to speak Our own language and the ultimate denial of our separate Creole Identity, Heritage and citizenship We so enjoyed under French Rule of Our french heritage and citizenship



Napoleon I of France


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More importantly We Discussed ways of challenging the Federal Government by Demanding retribution and legally fighting Our right to have a separate indentity, if it meant going as far as challenging these issues in the highest court of the land...The supreme court


It Doesn't stop there...The State of Louisiana has denied Our Creole right to exist by enacting legislation denying Creoles the right of self recognition ..Changing the state Motto from the Creole State to the Pelican State ...Although the Creole Heritage and Culture Center was instrumental in getting to have the State of Louisiana Proclaim one day of the year as Creole heritage Day..

.But We have a long way to go and it will take a lot of courage, dedication and perseverance, if We are to achieve Our Creole Recognition, Identity and rights ...Since my encounters with Gilbert Martin, My eyes have opened wide and now I see what needs to be done to achieve our Creole recognition..Mr Martin has passed on but the strength and determination this man possed has inspired Me to continue to push for Creole recognition..

.Augustine/Comeaux ....Web site producer

The Louisiand Purchase Treaty which Increased the size of America by more than 30% explicitely dictated in its irrovocable clauses that Its Inhabitants...(All.... Black and White) were to enjoy the same rights and priveliges as All Americans...But that never happened...And the list goes on and on and on.. It appears that Mixed Race People are being used to further the theory of White Racial Superiorty....Lets face it...We're all here together and we all have given our share to make America what it is today.It's unfortunant that We have To continue to prove that We do Exist, when we have given so much..

Augustine/Comeaux.... Creole and Web Site producer









Now Lets take

the Issue of Henriette Delille


who has been nominated for Sainthood by the Catholic Church, but, will be designated as an African American...This woman does not look like an African-American ,and she was not raised as one..In Fact she was raised as a Octoroon...A Free Creole of Color, who spoke French and Belonged to the Creole Culture, She was a Free woman of color, A CREOLE, and at the time of her existance there was a three tiered Racial Society...White, Black and Mulatto...The ladder jusr recently dropped within the last fifty years because of the" One drop theory" ...

In fact this word African American did not even exist until the beginning of the 1960s' It is not to say that We are not part Black but We Are Creoles First and We all share strong Cultural Ties...It is for this reason that We do not want to loose our Cultural identity ...African Americans,Whites, Latin Americans, Asians,American Indians Etc, Etc, Et ,maintain their own Cultural and Racial identities, Why not Our Creole People,

Hey Everybody.......... Lets stop this Cultural Genocide..



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