Rebuilding New Orleans  

Our hearts and sympathy goes out to all the victims of hurricane "Katrina", especially the city of New Orleans, home to a great many Creoles. Also it is the birthplace of our heritage and culture. Many of us have lost everything and thousands have been misplaced, but knowing the spirit of our people New Orleans will be rebuilt.

This is a great opportunity to come together and stand up as one people. For this reason we are giving you a list of Agencies and Organizations in which you can send your donations and help in any way you can.

the Perfect Storm

We especially want you to sign up and register your name with us so we can create a list of individuals willing to participate in the rebuilding of New Orleans , which will be sent directly to the mayor of the city.

We will need your profession and type of help you can render so the city will be able to recover from this tragic disaster. We need contractors, builders, designers and professionals in any capacity to help bring life back to our stricken city. Now is the time for all people
especially "Creoles" to bring our culture and our city back to life again.

Augustine Comeau
Website Producer






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