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Creoles fought in the FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR
MARIE THERESE COINCOIN was born in Isle Breville, La. of slave parents from Gold Coast, AFRICA Died circa 1816.
CLAUDE PIERRE THOMAS METOYER, Frenchman, was born in LaRochelle, FRANCE and died circa 1815
Jacques V. OGE’, free Haitian Creole, educated in France, organized military camp in U.S. and returned to Haiti to lead a slave revolt in 1791; was executed following his surrender. “Early American Writers”, Chapel Hill Univ., North Carolina Press (1935)
Claude Pierre Thomas METOYER formed a union with Marie Therese COINCOIN and created         
the first Creoles of Color in Isle Breville, La. (now described as Cane River) Nine children
First children of the union of 1767 were twins AUGUSTIN METOYER and SUZANNE METOYER  
Second birth of children of Claude and Coincoin: LOUIS METOYER - died 1832 
PIERRE METOYER also born to union - died 1833
DOMINIQUE METOYER also born to union - died 1839
EULALIE METOYER born to union - died circa 1788 - 1801
ANTOINE JOSEPH METOYER born to union - died 1838
MARIE FRANCOISE ROSELIE METOYER born to union - died 1783
died 1863
FRANCOIS METOYER born to union - died 1862
Creoles fought in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION
Creoles fought in the HAITIAN REVOLUTION 
FRANCE PROCLAIMED FREEDOM for all living under the French flag. Louisiana was then under Spanish rule
AUGUSTIN METOYER, twin son of Claude Metoyer & Coincoin along with Louis his brother donated the land for the first CATHOLIC CHURCH on Isle Breville, La. (now known as Cane River MARIE THERESE COINCOIN was a very hardworking woman who with Claude Pierre’s help purchased the freedom of all of her children, exported cotton and jute to Africa and the West indies, amassed acres of property, owned slaves, all with the help of her sons.
SPANISH LOUISIANA TERRITORY was CEDED back to France from Spain (Treaty of San Ildefonso)
FRENCH LOUISIANA TERRITORY was SOLD to the United States on April 30th for $15,000,000, Rights. At that time the La. Territory comprised of more than 900,000 acres or l/3 of the United States
The UNITED STATES thereafter RENEGED on all of the CIVIL RIGHTS granted to the inhabitants and CREOLES when it signed the Treaty between the French Republic and itself
ANDREW JACKSON promises freedom to all Creoles who fought in the Battle of New Orleans and RENEGED
Creoles fought in the BATTLE of NEW ORLEANS                                                                   
Sr. HENRIETTE DeLILLE (DeLisle) was born in New Orleans of wealthy Creole parentage
EUGENE WARBOURG- 1825 - 1861 - Noted Sculptor, taught by Gabriel, a Frenchman under duress. Most outstanding works: “The Fisherman” and “The First Kiss”
PAUL TRAVIGNE was born; he was a teacher for 40 years in New Orleans, Editor in Chief ofNEWSPAPER L’UNION and LA TRIBUNE until 1869 and reported on contraversial issues of his time
LUCIEN MANSION (nicknamed Lolo Mansion - renown Poet. His words published in LA TRIBUNE
and LE CRUSADER, Told of PERSECUTION of Creoles in 1855. He helped many escape the
prejudice financially to flee to Mexico, Northern U.S., France and the West Indies
Rudolph Lucien Desdunes, Noted Writer and Creole Historian - Author of “Nos Hommes et Notre Histoire” (Our People and Our History) His book was translated from French to English by Sr.
Dorothea McCants /Quoted from his book.--”Creoles of Color played an extraordinary role in both the cultural & political history of Louisiana - they excelled in all the major professions. Some amassed considerable fortunes, and some as other Black and White Americans owned slaves
CREOLES fought their 5th war in the CIVIL WAR under General Benjamin Butler
CREOLES PETITIONED President LINCOLN for Civil Rights which were granted under
Civil Rights and Political Recognition in La. Legislature
Creoles DENIED voting rights
Creoles GAINED voting rights, full equality and school integration
Lt. Gov. P.B.S. PINCHBACK became Governor of Louisiana (lasted only two months) His grandson, Jean TOOMER was noted author
C.C. Antoine became Lt. Governor of Louisiana
LAFCADIO HEARN noted author, wrote “Gombo Zhebes” Dictionary of Creole proverbs
Sr. FRANCES JEROME WOODS was born in Guthrie, Oklahoma
Felix THIERRY died. He established the first approved public school for Creoles and Blacks in
Plaisance, Louisiana - His daughter is Margaret T. GAUTHIER
1923- ?
Gilbert MARTIN , noted Creole author and activist, self-proclaimed licensed architect and attorney-at-law, was born on April 30th, he is founder of the International French-Creole Cultural Society
(IFCCS) and native of New Orleans, La.
1926- ?

Mrs. Marion I. FERREIRA Creole Sociologist and Activist, was born January 24 E-mail Address Redbino9@aol.com)

1945 BISHOP CARL A. FISHER, SSJ. was born
1945 Pastor H. O. McCONNELL published the book “You Can Learn Creole”
1953 American Folklore Society published “Haitian Creole; Grammar; Texts; and Vocabulary
1969 Haitian Government granted legal limited status to Creole Language
1970 ”Haitian Creole” Advance Course published by Albert VALDMAN
1972 Book published by Sr. JEROME WOODS, “Marginality and Identity”, a study of a group of multiracial individuals and their marginal identity, using model of Cane River’s Creoles of Color.
1972 J.A . ROGERS published “Sex and Race”, the beauty of Creole mixtures.
1973 ”Area Handbook for HAITIAN CREOLE LANGUAGE’” by Foreign Areas Studies of American Studies
1975 United Bible Societies published the New Testament with Psalms in Haitian Creole.

GARY MILLS, author and genealogist, published the book “The Forgotten People, Cane River’s Creoles of Color”, True history of the lives of these sanguilineal Creole people

1979 THE INTERNATIONAL FRENCH-CREOLE CULTURAL SOCIETY, (IFCCS) filed charter Nov. 14 Gilbert E. MARTIN, Founder and Executive Director

ANN RICE, , New Orleans author, published “The Feast of All Saints” which told about the lives

of Creoles before the Civil War, in the 1840’s, Part history and fiction


The First METOYER /CANE RIVER Descendants Family Reunion in Los Angeles, CA , sponsored by

Mrs. Marion I. FERREIRA August 5, 6 and 7, at the Cockatoo Inn, in Hawthorne, CA (300 Creoles in
attendance) Guest Speaker, Sr. JEROME WOODS covered by the Los Angeles Times

1987 BAYOU TALK Creole/Cajun Newspaper first publication, Louis METOYER Editor in Chief
1988 Gilbert E. MARTIN , Creole Author and Activist, published “PASSE POUR BLANC’ (Passing forWhite) fiction based on his experiences
1989 Gilbert E. MARTIN , Creole Author and Activist, published “The Creole Story - From the Senegal to the Mississippi” - Creole History
1991 First Annual Mardi Gras Ball held at the Baldwin Hills Plaza Mall in Los Angeles sponsored by GAGNIER’S Restaurant and the Bayou Talk Creole/Cajun Newspaper, Louis METOYER editor
1992 Second Annual MARDI GRAS Ball held at the Plaza
1992 FESTIVAL International de Louisiane, held in Lafayette, La. (318-232-8086)
1992 Vincent MOTT, , pen name Lucien St. Andre, published “The Creole” experiences of a Cajun/Creole in La. during the Depression era - part history and fiction
1992 SR. JEROME WOODS, died on August 9, 1992, wrote “The Values of Creole Youths” also
1992 GILBERT MARTIN, Founder of IFCCS, first met with Creoles of Los Angeles to discuss his fight for CREOLE RIGHTS and IDENTITY
1992 Mrs. Marion FERREIRA, appointed Regional Director of the Los Angeles, CA area
1993 BISHOP CARL A. FISHER, SSJ., a Creole, died. He was officiating over the southwestern dioceses of California, Bishop Fisher was a native of Mississippi
1993 Third Annual MARDI GRAS Ball held at the Plaza
1993 Third Annual CREOLE PICNIC , Sponsored by the SOCIALITES, Gilbert E. MARTIN meets with the Creoles and . get 100’s of signatures requesting CREOLE RIGHTS recognition by CATHOLIC Black dignitaries (IFCCS) Such requests were DENIED, Letter to Gilbert MARTIN such requests DENIED


Plans underway to Preserve Cane River and surrounding historical areas as a National Historic Park, dedicated to the Creoles of Cane River and all others in the US
1993 A CREOLE PLAY, “Inside the Creole Mafia” produced. Mark BROYARD, Creole actor and vocalist, along with Guenevere SMITH , noted actor and TV star, at the Fountainhead Theater in Los Angeles, CA
The play was a comedy spoof on “Being Creole” which was well received by spectators
Gov. Ann RICHARDS of Texas proclaimed January 22, 1993 as Creole Heritage Day
1993 TOM REED, Host of Members Only, and other psychologists interviewed Phillip Francis, a Creole, on Channel 18, television, and went on record to say that ‘THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ONE BEING A
pressuring Philip to agree with them !!!(Think they should check on some of thede dates in history????)
1994 Mayor Tom BRADLEY, of Los Angeles, CA proclaimed January 22, 1994 as Creole Heritage Day
1994 Leon AUBRY Founder of the Jefferson Council organization, a La. Creole based charitable organization died, January 4, a former native of New Orleans, a fighter for Creole Rights and benefactor to all
1994 Emily HOLLAND Cane River descendant, 99 years olf; born 7-5-1894 and died on Jan. 2, l994, Was awarded a trophy for being the oldest female descendant in the Western Region, Los Angeles, CA at
The Metoyer/Cane River Descendants Family Reunion in 1983
1994 Morgan METOYER , 82 at the time, was awarded a trophy for being the oldest male descendant in the Western Region, Los Angeles, CA at the Metoyer/Cane River Descendants Family Reunion in 1983
1994 Lenita LEDAY, 7 months old at the time, was awarded a trophy for being the youngest female descendant in the Western Region, ibid, the daughter of Edgar LEDAY and Linda
1994 Auxilliary BISHOP LEONARD J. OLIVIER, SVD., was ordained in Washington, DC, native of Lake Charles, La., 13th non-white Bishop to be ordained. Was celebrant at the Mass of Creole Heritage
held at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church of Los Angeles, CA BISHOP HAROLD PERRY, SVD was first Creole Bishop to be ordained, now deceased, native of Lake Charles, La.GEORGE McKENNA, was Superintendant of Inglewood, CA Schools, now Superintendant of Compton, CA Schools, native of New Orleans, La


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