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"The Genesis"
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Mr. Gilbert E. Martin!



    Their language and culture developed in Africa long before their African lineage was brought to the New World. We creoles were a seperate nation of people long before the "One Drop" theory was developed, that, basically assimulated all people of color into one distinct category.

Even though, at the present, we are scattered throughout America, we still reach out to one another and continue to maintain our "Creole" identity. 



   There are many of us, who, sometimes disagree as to whether we should be entitled to a seperate nation, but we all agree as to who we are! Whether you agree or disagree, one thing is for sure, and that is that we "Creoles" are a distinct ethnic group of people and we should be recognized as such.

Our accomplishments go a long way in showing the world who we are!

   As a seperate group of people the name "Creole" was not bestowed upon us until 1590 in the "Americas" by a spanish priest, who determined that the mixed breeds born in the New World were neither Spanish, African nor Indian, but a mixture of all, thus a "Created Race" so he called them "Criollos" which in spanish means "to create." In its original context it was not to denote "Race", but rather persons born in the New World.

    It must not be forgotten that there were people of all races that used this same term, as before, it did not denote race. Dictionaries throughout the English language offer different explorations as to what exactly the word "Creole" means. But again for a large part it is widely used to identify someone of mixed percentage with a culture coming from Louisiana...

  Whites who carried the "Creole" label, eventually disavowed this name as it began to indicate, more frequently someone of mixed races. Not only does this name "Creole" denote mixed Heritage but also it identified someone with a unique and distinct way of Life, Language, Food, Music and Religious values and a common demeanor...







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